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Of course, it depends on how you do your drawings. Drawings that involve too extensive a drawing of the subject, without any additional background information, might end up being harder to edit once they’ve become part of the story.

On the other hand, if you’re going for more realistic illustrations, it’s probably a good idea to go with a different method of setting up your backgrounds. I remember when I worked at Nickelodeon, they wouldn’t let me get away with that kind of stuff; if there was a scene that involved a vehicle or an airplane, I was forced to draw it, even though it was so impractical for me to draw that it had virtually no chance of actually showing up in a cartoon. That’s one reason why I can honestly say that I still can’t help but love my work when I do it this way.

So, what is more helpful when it comes to creating artwork for film? To answer that question, I’ll look at each of the elements mentioned above: composition, drawing, and lighting. While each of them are certainly part of the same art process, they’re different in their strengths and weaknesses.

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When we’re talking about making a cartoon movie, the more we can trust in one another, the better we can keep things looking the way they should. Unfortunately, the things we like and things we dislike may not be the same thing. For example, when you’ve finished a cartoon, it can be very hard to take a look at what you worked so hard on and completely change what you have in the beginning. After all, you can’t be wrong, right?

Well, in some cases, that may have to do with the artistic process itself. For example, I usually don’t change my drawing style very much once I have a show in mind—the more consistent I feel with the way my panels look, the more I can get myself into the mindset that I’m working with, and the easier it is to work with something I trust with enough trust that I won’t end up with a “weird” cartoon. It can be more difficult, however, to take a piece of art you’ve made before and bring it onto a new show. It can be even more difficult to find an artist who can give you as good a sketch as you’ve made it, if you’d ever even done one! You’re talking about a pretty big difference in quality, but it’s one that you will have to take on

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