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When you open a new account, you’ll be given a link to email to tell your bank how long your account has been open. Some banks use it as a credit for their initial account opening. Otherwise, if you were already an account holder with your previous employer’s employer, then the link will be your employer’s account opening link. If nothing pops up, you can open a free account with a debit or credit card as an account with other employers, provided you have a personal and banking information in one place.

Can you open a UK account?

Yes. Many banks in the UK allow anyone with a UK email address or bank account to open a UK debit or credit card account. If the individual is a Brit living outside the UK, they must have been a registered user for more than five years.

Can I open a UK credit card?

Yes, UK registered users can use credit cards issued abroad for debit and credit purchases made in the UK, including travelcard purchases and purchases made online between UK residents. It’s possible to open a UK credit card to be used in the UK without registering to use any money. You’d need to prove that you live in the UK for it to work.

Can I get a UK bank account?

Yes. Any UK-based bank can send you a link that will open your online account and enable you to view your account balance, access your savings or create a new account for a friend. It’s up to you to decide if you want to receive this link in your email or if you’d prefer to click a link on the bank website, so make sure you’re signed up for your bank account via email first.

Can I open a UK-born bank account without a UK passport?

Yes. If you were born in the UK, you can open a bank account with any bank in the UK. The most important requirement is that you have spent enough time in the UK before moving to the UK.

Can I get a UK-registered account if I’m an adult living abroad?

Yes. If you are an adult living abroad and want to open a UK bank account, there are two ways you can do it. You can register to open one for yourself, a family member, or a friend/relative. You will need to have a UK residence card when you register. Otherwise, go to the bank that is listed above and use this link to get registered to Open Banking to open the new

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