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Saying it’s “cheap” but “not good” doesn’t exactly make it worth it. “These cheap dog treats are basically cardboard — they’re plastic and look pretty,” says Bess. She adds that the most popular brands in the United States are a little cheaper (at least in the beginning) and have more of a crunchy texture and flavor than the more expensive treats. That said, she notes, buying a cheap treat can be just as easy as buying a more expensive one.

But is “cheap cheap” good if it isn’t really worth it? Bess suggests that people be very careful about comparing low-quality brands of dog treats with high-quality ones — “it’s a bad game if you start buying cheaper products just to see what the next price tag is,” she says. “Most people do it in the hope that better products will be coming down the road from companies that are trying to raise the bar.”

Bess says the worst dog treats are the ones that are too cheap and the best are the ones that are too expensive. Bess believes the best option is to stay away from low-quality products. “If you are using a particular brand of dog treats that you have, you should stay away from that brand,” she says. “You don’t want to get high-quality dog treats from them.”

That’s not all, though. Bess says that as we get more smart in our purchasing, we should be able to do “better job” of comparing the good to the bad. “There is no good or bad,” she says. So if we go to the trouble of ordering online but come out with a product that has high quality or an awesome deal at the local supermarket, “then that’s a good choice.” Of course, she says, the only way to know which products are “good” or “bad” is to know why you are making your purchase.
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Bess says that since the best dog treats seem to always be of a higher quality and less expensive, we don’t want to buy them because we are not getting a good deal. “The best treats will be affordable and will be high quality — if they are not, that’s when we should look for alternatives,” she explains. “Sometimes you may be making a purchase just to see where you are going to be heading with your purchase.”

Bess recommends that people who have a choice about their dog treats “make sure that you’re making

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