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An animal owner who kills a dog and keeps a certificate or a statement of the cause of death is required to give the owner of a dog a humane killing certificate. The owner of a dog shooting will not be subject to prosecution under s. 743.31. A local government can require an animal owner to execute a humane killing certificate when an animal owner is a convicted felon under s. 948.051, s. 825.01, or s. 825.052 if the owner is ordered by a judicial officer to have the animal euthanized. For a more detailed discussion about an animal owner’s liability under ss. 825.01 and 825.050, see our article on killing an animal for humane purposes. See “Who is liable under Wisconsin laws when a person acts in accordance with the law of the state”?

Does a dog have to be “dead” to receive lethal force?

Yes, at least in Wisconsin. Even though most other states have adopted more protective legislation surrounding dogs, a dog’s death resulting from a “bite” to the face, neck, or spine does not automatically constitute an “injury” under the “deadly force” statute, and s. 743.30(2).

Does Wisconsin have a mandatory waiting period before a dog owner can shoot an animal?

Yes. s. 743.30 is based on the assumption that a person is using excessive force and the action is unjustifiable. Because dogs are sentient and not “toy,” as defined by the law, they are entitled to protection under the death of an animal statute.

What are the rules for killing a dog for the purpose of euthanizing it?

The Wisconsin Humane Society will provide assistance and advice to the owner of any pet shot, poisoned, knocked to the ground, and otherwise abused for humane euthanasia. The person responsible for making the decision on the killing of the animals can then be prosecuted and, with certain exceptions, must complete an online cruelty training course, as explained below.

What is an “injury”?

An injury is a significant physical injury to a protected animal that has been caused or made worse by a person’s physical or mental condition, or by the negligent conduct of another person. For example, a dog may suffer injuries from an angry man threatening her with a knife. Also, in one case I read, after an animal has been shot, it could survive being shot for extended periods of time because

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