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A high-quality, quality-pack dog walking dog walker will typically be charging a minimum of $350 for their services. Most of the time, a walker will be able to easily come up with that amount and more, assuming they can handle the job properly. Some service providers charge more while others might offer a $40 per-hour model with a deposit added to it.

How much does a walker charge for an entire day?

On-street dog walkers usually charge between $35 – $65 for an entire day.

Do I have to own a dog?
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Not necessarily. Most walkers will be happy to walk the homeless and pets that are in need, and can easily be added to their list.

Can a service provider charge extra for dog training?

A majority of service providers can be trained to properly treat your dog without an additional fee (and it doesn’t even take a huge investment if you take advantage of the free training programs) and will also provide the proper care for your dog. Of course, dogs need to be walked regularly, especially if they require regular veterinary care after their stay in the shelter.

Is there service dog assistance that I can get in lieu of a dog walker?

In some instances, if your dog is the only dog in your home who is unable to walk due to physical or health condition (for example, a deaf dog), you might be able to get some help from a service animal provider. In some places, there are places where you might be able to obtain a service dog if the owner can’t otherwise provide care for their own dog.

Do I have to pay a fee when I walk my dog?

Yes, you will require a small fee in addition to your $35 minimum if you want a walker. This extra fee is to cover the cost of getting your dog the right clothes, leash, water, etc.

Is there a fee for dog spaying/neutering?

Dog spaying and neutering is currently very expensive and is covered by many private service provider insurance policies.

Is there an additional fee after I pay the dog walker?

Yes! In some cases you will not be able to walk your dog without extra care and attention for a very long time. So, consider an on-street dog walker if you wish.

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