Why do dog trainers hate retractable leashes? – Arthur’s Pet Business Marc Brown

The most popular reasons are:

1. It is very hard to retract.

Your dog has no reason to turn his back at the leash. He’s watching you and has his eyes fixed on a screen. There also aren’t any treats coming out of your pocket or your pocket. When you turn your back it makes your dog look at you when he walks by.

2. It takes too long.

Your dog could be distracted by the screen but he will never see you turn back and you need your leash to do that, not to take him by a leash and give him a treat.

3. It’s boring to look at.

Your dog is watching and learning. You don’t want to give him that same chance on a screen and a treat.

4. It’s the same as holding your dog’s tail when he’s sitting.

This is also a terrible example of dog trainers thinking. When you hold your dog’s tail, you are not using your hand as leverage to reach over and gently prod his tail when you want him to go forward.

So, I am not going to discuss why retractable leashes are bad. If you hate them, you should probably stay away from them.

Instead how does a dog stay on his leash and stay safe?

How to Use Fidget Spinner

Here’s an example of how to make your dog’s life easier. Put your finger in your dog’s mouth and then place a tennis ball on the finger, make him fidget between his teeth and the ball. You should be rewarded every time his teeth tighten and the ball jumps up.

Why do dog trainers hate retractable leashes?

1. It’s hard to retract

You have to get your dog to stay attached. Once he becomes comfortable with the tennis ball on the finger, you have to wait. The dog will not go back to the door like this on a retractable leash.

2. Tapping his nose before you put him near something makes him nervous

I used to do this a lot before leash restrictions. I used to place my finger in his mouth and then tap his nose. He was very anxious around strangers and it took him longer to open the door when I did this.

But no more. The new way that I do it helps me avoid him doing it that way so quickly and easily and helps him relax when he needs to.

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