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Traders are paid their normal wages when they become registered with the financial institutions. Although this can be complicated due to the lack of regulation in the industry and the need to have a “business license.”

In Australia, the average annual wage is $55,077 per annum with an average salary of $70,000 per year. The most common role for a trader is the broker/dealer which makes up more than 50% of trades and also account trader/insider.

On the other hand, some roles are more common in Australia. Although there are many different roles available within the financial services industry in Australia, you are much more likely to be considered a business analyst or a financial business consultant. These type of roles tend to command a larger salary.

What makes the Sydney market different?

The average salary across Australia is $54,749 per annum. So one could claim Sydney is a financial services city but the fact remains it is not the only major city in Australia. With that, many banks and traders prefer locations of greater financial inclusion.

The Sydney market also provides a variety of trading spaces for traders and investors alike. With so many banks and broker/dealers in the city, the opportunity to shop as an individual trader or with other individuals is more likely. So whether you are a trader in the financial services sector, or a trader looking for a full-time opportunity in financial consultancy, Sydney has it all.

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