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A new Russian anti-mafia law is set to be approved by the Duma on Friday, the Kremlin said on Friday, as Moscow and the United States sought to strengthen ties in their battle against organized crime.

The bill was approved on Tuesday with overwhelming support by the Duma, Russia’s rubber-stamp lower house. It is expected to be signed off by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin on the same day.

The bill, which passed the lower house by just 0.082 votes, seeks to expand Russia’s National Anti-Mafia Committee to include law enforcement agencies and local authorities, among other roles. The government would have to appoint deputies to the committee.

It comes as Russia faces mounting pressure to clamp down on organized crime. Last year, President Vladimir Putin urged Russian law enforcement authorities to be involved in tackling organised crime as far back as the mid-1980s.

As well as police, the committee said it would include prosecutors, tax and customs authorities, anti-corruption judges, and anti-terrorism investigators.

“The anti-mafia legislation will be signed into law by Russian President Vladimir Putin,” Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Russian president, said in comments posted on the Kremlin website Friday.

He described the new legislation as a “prudent response” to allegations by the United States and the UK that the Russian government has not done enough to fight organised crime.

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I had a bit of an idea of a game jam where I put together 3 ideas and one entry. One idea being my game, which is a simple tile-matching game where you have to beat a giant monster using only the few items you have in your dungeon. Unfortunately, it was too complicated for a game jam, and I figured it’s way too complex for a single-player game. So I’ll just release it as is, and keep on looking for someone to translate it.

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I used to be a fan of the old-fashioned paper-backed notebook (think The Great Gatsby, to name one favorite), though I haven’t

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