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The most lucrative type of trading involves buying and selling assets that have risen or fallen in price since a price peak, or have suffered a sharp decline in price since a price decline peak. For example, a high-quality asset that peaked at a price below its peak price would be very profitable.

In contrast to the most profitable type, other types of trading will result in losses: for example, buying an asset that has moved up in price and selling it at close to its peak price will result in losses.

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Which is more profitable?

One of the most important factors is the price of the asset. A high-quality asset will be more profitable if it moves down in price from its peak, and a lower-quality one will be more profitable if it moves up in price.

A good rule of thumb is: the higher the price of an asset, the more profitable it is. Thus, in general, an asset that moved up in price was more profitable; and an asset that moved down in price was less profitable.

More commonly, an asset that fell in price may be more profitable because its price was likely due to a fall in its fundamentals and/or because it lost trading volume rather than to a sharp drop in price.

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