Can anyone get a tribal tattoo? – Rose Tattoo Designs For Men Forearms Tree

No way!

Well, I can.

Well, at least I can tattoo a tribal tattoo if I get the permission of some Tribal Leaders.

Here’s how it works:

I have to get an appointment

They tell me what tattoos I can get

They offer some suggestions on tattoos and I have to accept

Now I have to go to the Tribal Meeting where my tattoo will be discussed and approved by Tribal Leaders

I have to wait in line

They take the tattoos to the front of the line, do their signature, take photos

They tell me I haven’t met the approval standard and I have to go back to the front

They put a tribal mark on my neck as a reference.

I go up to the Tribal Leader and say “thanks but no thanks” and walk away.

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I can’t get a tattoo (or any tattoo ever) unless I get the Tribal approval and a Tribal Leader’s approval. That’s what they did.

This was not a scam. This is where the tribal tattoo company was getting it, through their own process, and they had my Tribal name and Tribal Approval.

Why did I go to Tribal?

The Tribal tattoo company told me that my tribe would approve an ink in 3-5 weeks.

I thought it was a joke and I did not go to Tribal.

That was wrong.

I have a few questions:

Do anyone remember when the government tried to put a barcode on Americans? No way! But that’s exactly how the tribal tattoo company is telling me to do it.

How much did this cost?

Do you remember when we were told (by the government) to put a tattoo in a person’s hip pocket with just a $2 charge? Yes we do, and no people in this country are going to want a tattoo without getting the approval of their Tribal Leader and Tribal Leaders approve them at Tribal meetings.

I am a “civil libertarian”

I am against the government in my personal life and I hate paying taxes to support their actions in society. (See above, for a better understanding of why).

Here’s the story

I was invited to Tribal Meetings and I went every time.

The Tribal meeting took place every Saturday at noon.

The Tribal meeting ended every week at 10:45 PM.

So when I first started the whole process

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