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Samoans are well known for their colourful tattoos, but how many of their people have gotten some extra swag?

Tattoos can vary from a simple, simple circle on the forearm, through multiple rows of intricate designs over the shoulders, to one of the most ornate types, such as that made by the Samoan designer, Samoana.

You might be surprised to know that a small portion of the country’s population does get some tattoos, but there’s a lot of pressure and a lot of myths surrounding getting a tattoo, so we took a look at the truth and spoke to the Tattoo World team, who offer you some insight into who tattoos, where the practice fits in.

What is tattooing?
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The practice of tattooing began as a form of decoration, often made with traditional materials such as bone or horn. The idea was to make a mark on a person’s body to be recognisable through the use of it or to mark the life of someone who had passed away. But over the years, tattooing evolved into a more personalised representation of identity.

What is the difference between tattooing a self or a friend’s?

While some people may feel that tattoos are a sign of self-expression, others feel that doing self-tattoos are a representation of friendship. A lot of people in Samoa do self-tattooings because they want to have a more personalized way of representing themselves, without offending others.

Many people don’t want any negative connotations associated with tattoos, and would never consider getting a tattoo on someone or something if they knew how it would affect their future, as well as those around them.

It’s also important to note that self-tattoos do not necessarily mean you are self-destructive, as some people are more than happy to get a tattoo regardless.

Is there a certain age where tattooing might be appropriate?

As soon as you can get some tattoos without going blind. You’re a teen or adult anyway. People get started at an age that they think will be just fine with tattoos, so it’s not too young to start. The tattoos themselves can also be very personal, so depending on the age people get on their skin, the colours may reflect their identity, culture or lifestyle.

Does tattooing happen in Samoa?

Yes, and yes, in Samoa. However, tattoos are very different in Samoa compared to elsewhere in the

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