What are meaningful tattoo ideas? – Hawaiian Flower Tattoo Designs

I think tattoo ideas should be meaningful to the artist. Tattoo ideas should help people make connections to past, present or future experiences. Tattoo ideas should have a particular meaning that has resonance for the person that owns the tattoo.

What is the right way to choose a tattoo idea?

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The answer to this question is obvious.

Be specific and avoid generalizations. Be creative.

The right tattoo idea will have a connection, meaning and emotional impact for the person that owns it.

I would suggest that most tattoo companies will have a number of ink ideas.

The reason is simple – the person that owns a tattoo idea can only use one of five choices.

The tattoo company may be able to provide a more personalized tattoo, but the tattoos that you get are the ones that are the same.

Do I need a tattoo of my mom’s leg?


I’d recommend that you get tattoos of other parts of you and your friends.

Some people are more expressive than others, and that’s fine.

So, what can you get for a friend? A great friend might get some tattoos that are fun, because that’s not limited by your boundaries of fun.

For the people who have a limited imagination, tattoos of their friends can be fun too.

I’ve seen a lot of folks use tattoos of their friends’ hands and feet. But they can’t be true to who they are.

So when I look at tattoos and I see that all the tattoos are tattoos to others, I just don’t buy it.

If you do buy it, I recommend that you get something from a brand that is authentic.

Tattoos are not made to be replicated.

Tattoos are made to be unique.

Is Tattooing a ‘Fun’ activity? Is it a ‘Competitive’ activity?


So, don’t try to compete with people. That is not the mark of an artist.

If someone buys a tattoo with a name, a mark or a location that is familiar to them, I am not interested. And, yes, a person can have some ‘commercially’ popular tattoos from time to time.

An artist would think that the better that a tattoo has a connection, meaning and emotional impact for the individual, the more it’s going to sell.

But, when you are looking

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