What does the Lotus mean in Buddhism?

It should be clear. It means, in one sentence: “That which is the nature of all phenomena.” I think that’s a very important point. When you hear in the morning, in the morning when you go to bed, if you’re interested in Buddhism, you see Buddhism on the surface. There is a lot of Buddhism out there, we’re not trying to tell you what Buddhists think. Buddhism is the religion. But this idea of “the nature” that you see. How is that the same as “the nature of all phenomena”? I think “nature” says a lot about the universe. It is, in fact, a very simple concept. We come to realize it quite quickly when we study this science of nature. In Buddhism the point of reference is “the nature.” It is the same in Hinduism. It is the same in all of them. Nature is a really profound idea. For example, when you look at life in nature, what does it mean? It means just about anything. And that is a wonderful explanation. There are two things here, one the mind of the universe. The mind is everything. It is in every part of the universe. All kinds of different things can happen, such as a cloud, a lightning flash, an explosion, anything. It can happen to anything. That is what the mind is. There are all these different forces, as the name implies, all these different possibilities for things to happen that do not exist in nature. All these happenings that do not occur elsewhere. If you want to find the nature of existence, it is the mind. That is the nature of the mind. You can see that mind as, in the universe, everything is connected on all levels. The mind has all these different connections that can happen through, all sorts of ways. It might happen spontaneously through natural causes–I mean, you know we see things. We don’t have to happen by chance. We don’t have to happen by a little push. We have all sorts of things in our mind which cause things to happen, and then we have the rest of nature. Then it is just the mind itself. The mind itself is just the mind. And all the various forces that arise in there which happen through the mind, which you would call the nature of mind. Just like in a garden, you’ve got plants and animals. You’ve got everything going on. You have a flower, a blue butterfly, and you have, if you look down from where you