What does the swallow tattoo mean? – Purple Rose Tattoo Designs On A Cross Tattoo

It means “tribute” in the Swallow tongue. The fact that you put ink into your mouth during a fight is the same as putting a tribute on a tattoo. This is why you often find fighters with a swallow tattoo that have a swallow tattoo on their leg as well.

What is the Swallow tongue tattoo?

The Swallow tongue tattoo means “liver” in the Swallow tongue. You can imagine a swallow tattoo as being an ink tattoo with the same meaning, where it represents your liver. As an example, my Swallow tongue tattoo is a black heart with an eagle with its jaws open.

Who is the Swallow tongue tattoo for?

This tattoo can be applied to a variety of different fighters including boxers, MMA fighters, UFC fighters, Kickboxers, Boxers, and many more. It is for anyone that enjoys fighting and enjoys the Swallow tongue.

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