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What foods does the Bible say are permissible?

I don’t think the media is doing all that much to educate themselves about the truth.

People like me, as well as regular folks who have read the Bible, understand that God’s word is true. We simply don’t know of anyone who has read “The Bible for Dummies” yet who believes what it states in the book of Genesis.

I am not saying it is wrong to not believe in God, just that it is wrong to pretend that we do so with only a grain of truth.

For example, according to the Bible, God’s “firstborn” was Adam. So, it would be correct to deny the Biblical account of Adam because it contradicts how we ought to view the God of the Bible.

I don’t think so.

Here is some background. In the original pre-Christian Bible (first and second books of the Old Testament respectively), Adam is called a “man of sin.” His name was not a curse, however, but a blessing. It denotes the person he had become for the purpose of making good, and thus would serve as an example to the rest of people.

If the Bible is true then it seems reasonable to presume that Adam’s name should be a curse.

If there is a God, this can’t be right, no. I say this because of how the Bible presents a “second Adam.” This second Adam would have been a totally different person from the first one, but for one tiny, very important condition he also would not have been considered a sinless being. He would have fallen. This would be a terrible thing! If we take this first Adam as being what our God wanted him to be, then the second Adam cannot be a blessing. The second Adam would therefore have been more like a curse than a blessing.

Let me put it this way: When the Bible says that God created two Adams, it doesn’t imply that Adam was actually a woman. When it says what God created in the beginning, it doesn’t imply that God is the only one who creates people.

The idea that one would create two Adams, and that God made Adam a first-born, is not meant to imply that there are only male and female beings, and thus that there were only a few people at all. If the same God created two Adams and then gave one to each of us, there would be only the first son

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