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A glyph symbol is represented by a glyph name – this is the value of the glyph in Unicode (as defined by Unicode Technical Standard #20, “Character Sets for Unicode Standard”). In Windows, character sets are defined in the Microsoft.Windows.Graphics.Glyphs namespace. Some font designers choose to use a Unicode character set to define the glyph names for glyph symbols and symbols, and also the attributes for the names. The name of a glyph symbol corresponds to a specified Unicode character set that can be used by Unicode strings. In addition, the characters of the Unicode character set can be used as font glyph names if glyphs of that character set are used to denote similar glyph symbols.

How do I get my font icons?
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To see which fonts are available in the Windows Fonts package, you should check the Windows Fonts page of the Fonts database. Also see the Font icons page, which contains an image of a glyph character list. You can also visit the Fonts Database, browse the image files in the Fonts database, and use the search function to find glyph symbols in your font.

If you would like the glyph symbols used in this package, you can download the glyph symbols.zip file and then double-click on the icon you want from the Fonts Database to start using it. (In a 64-bit operating system, the Icon can be found by right-clicking a file, then selecting the ‘Open with….’ menu item and selecting ‘File Open with….’ from the ‘File Properties’ dialog box that is displayed. In a 32-bit operating system, the Icon can be found by double-clicking on a file, then selecting the ‘Open with…’ menu item and selecting ‘Open with 32-bit Format….’ from the dialog box that is displayed.) After you’ve double-clicked on an icon to load it into a program, you can make additional use of the icon by right-clicking it and choosing ‘Import’. You can import as many icons as you want from the Font files into all your font programs. You cannot import multiple fonts or fonts that are in different font stores, or fonts that are in different formats.

How do I add font icons?

To add fonts to the Windows Fonts package, you will need to create the .inf file.

How do I add a font symbol?

You can use the font icon for a glyph symbol to define a glyph name that refers

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